Do all gas stations get their gas from the same place?

Aryanna Beer asked a question: Do all gas stations get their gas from the same place?
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But this doesn't mean that all gas is the same, even though it starts out that way. The fuel from different filling stations comes from a common source: the "base gas" from a refinery… A key difference is that the major brands put more additives in their gas and claim to have some secret ingredients.


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⛽ Where do gas stations get their gas from?

All gasoline comes from crude oil. In Canada, most domestic oil production happens in the WCSB, which covers almost all of Alberta, as well as parts of Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia, Yukon, and Northwest Territories.

⛽ Where do gas stations get their gas from another?

Gasoline distributors. Companies whose names you likely never heard of. The real “secret” (not really, though a lot of people still don’t know this) is that all the …

⛽ Where do gas stations get their gas from the air?

Most gasoline moves from refineries through pipelines to large storage terminals near consuming areas. From the storage terminals, gasoline is usually sent by truck …

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The real “secret” (not really, though a lot of people still don’t know this) is that all the gas stations in your area get gasoline from the exact same place. Gasoline is shared across a national pipeline that all refineries dump into.

All Gas Is the Same (Up to a Point) If you ever get the chance to see a pipeline carrying petroleum, you'll see it bears logos from multiple companies. Once the petroleum gets to the refinery, it is made into gasoline. Oil tankers carry this gas to different companies, so the gasoline part of gas is the same.

When gasoline arrives at regional distribution centers, it's all the same. Different gas station chains then buy the raw fuel and add their own blend of detergents. In the past, there might have ...

I used to live near 3 gas stations on 3 corners of the same intersection. Two even had the same company name. They each had different prices. They all got business. – Jay Bazuzi Mar 6 '12 at 19:20 I was always told it had to do ...

Nearly all of the gasoline sold in the United States is produced in the United States. Most gasoline moves from refineries through pipelines to large storage terminals near consuming areas. From the storage terminals, gasoline is usually sent by truck to smaller blending terminals for processing into finished motor gasoline , which is then delivered by truck to gasoline fueling stations.

Many gas stations get their fuel from the same source, meaning the formula doesn’t change much. Top Tier stations, though, such as Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Costco, and Sinclair, use additives in their unique mix. These include detergents, friction reducers, and corrosion inhibitors, which may extend engine life. Thankfully, in this guide, we ...

A: Many factors affect retail gasoline prices, according to most experts. One is that wholesale prices fluctuate every day, and every station likely paid a slightly different price for what it is ...

Have you ever noticed that you rarely see a gas station by itself? Instead multiple gas stations seem to be clustered close to each other. Wouldn’t it be better if they were more spread out?

You pull into a gas station and fill up, only to drive a block down the road and see another station has gas for 20 cents less than you just paid. After a bit of quick math, you realize how two dimes per gallon really adds up. For a vehicle with a 15-gallon (56-liter) tank, 20 cents per gallon could mean up to $3 per fill-up — or about $156 a ...

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Where do qt gas stations get their gas?

They buy their fuel from U.S. refineries. They have no control over where the refineries purchase the crude oil that they ultimately sell as refined gasoline to the distributors.

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Which gas stations use techron in their gas?

Chevron gas has it already in it.

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Who supplies pilot gas stations with their fuel?

All refineries, brand name or independent, manufacture the various grades of gas to meet an industry spec for that grade. This means that 87 octane is 87 octane, regardless of who made it. They then put it out in the national pipeline system for whoever to sell it. For example, if Shell puts a million barrels of regular gas into the pipeline in Houston, they then can take out a million barrels of the same grade in Chicago, Los Angeles or wherever. What gas they take out of the pipeline could have been refined by anybody, it's not the same gas they put in the pipeline. Some brands might put in a little additive or such as it is being distributed to their gas stations. Otherwise, it's just like buying aspirin - the cheapest is the best 'cause it's all the same.

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Is 93 octane the same across all gas stations?

When someone gets 93 octane, are they getting the same quality of 93 octane? Or do they differ?Proof that not all 93 octane is the same.

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Where are some place that still have full service gas stations?

Some places may require that certain people don’t have to pay the extra price for gasoline if they use a full service gas station. In California, for instance, someone with an updated handicapped sticker on his car is usually charged the self-serve price, and it is the attendant’s obligation, provided the station offers full service, to pump gas for the person.

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Fake puff bars from gas stations?

same boat, i bought puff bars from a liquour store around a month and decideded to finally try and authenticate and they were fake. they never really gave me a …

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What gas stations do not have ethanol in their gas?

According to Dan McTeague, a noted petroleum analyst, Shell and Esso 91 are both ethanol free. All other grades from the companies have some ethanol content, but the mid-grade blend is pure gas, which means it not only corrodes less than ethanol blends, but is less likely to deteriorate when stored.

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Gas stations selling 91/93 octane are they all the same?

266 Posts. Discussion Starter · #11 · Jan 10, 2010. StealthTL said: 93 from Costco will not have the same additives as Shell's 93, even if bought from a Shell refinery. Shell's high octane grade is rated as 'top tier' gas. Top Tier Gasoline. and will not leave the same amount of deposits on the head and intake valves.

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Where did bolla gas stations come from?

3. level 1. Starks. · 2y. Clean gas station is supposed to be an oxymoron, but Bolla has nailed it, especially with respect to hot food. Other gas stations on the island have been revamping their convenience stores to keep up. 2. level 1. Zercuits.

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Why are gas prices all the same at stations in our city?


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Can you get cash back from gas stations?

Costco and Wal-Mart also offer cash back at their gas stations. If you’re at Costco, you ...

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Dayton ohio gas stations hidden from road photos?

Dayton, OH. This former Sunoco station was built in 1924 as a Sun Oil station. It was originally located downtown. In 1982, it was moved to Carillon Historical Park which features many transplanted old buildings. The interior of the building has many old Sun Oil items. [map] former station. Hamilton, OH.

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Fugitive methane emissions from natural gas compressor stations?

Because natural gas compressor stations are a major source of fugitive methane emission, they can provide a convenient starting point for reduction efforts. Further, because the leak sources are enclosed, there is a better chance of implementing low-cost capture methods.

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What makes speedway different from other gas stations?

  • We recognize that there are many gas and convenience store choices, and that nothing less than outstanding service, a wide selection of products, and real value for one’s dollar will attract loyal customers. More than anything, what Speedway offers is convenience.

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Gas stations in dallas with gas stations?

Gas Stations in Dallas. Though gas prices change on an almost daily basis, the upward trend in prices seems to be permanent, which is why Dallas gas stations are in a fierce war to attract customers by offering the best gasoline at the lowest price. Gas stations have, however, grown into little shopping havens themselves, often being housed ...

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Is it bad to get gas from different stations?

The fuel from different filling stations comes from a common source: the "base gas" from a refinery… "If you buy gas from Bob's Bargain Basement gas station because that's all that's available, it won't hurt your car," he says. The real difference is the amount of additives that are in the gas, Nielsen says.

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Is it bad to mix gas from different stations?

Gas stations use different additives in most cases, but there is nothing wrong with mixing stations, or even octane ratings. If you mix 93 and 87 you get 90, mix 89 and 93 you get 91.

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Nio's battery swapping stations at sinopec's gas stations?

Sinopec (China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation) is a fossil fuel energy giant (ranked #2 on the 2019 Fortune 500) with 30,000+ gas stations across China, but apparently electric vehicles are the future.. Nio’s Battery as a Service (BaaS) business model has been highly successful in China and there’s no question Nio will need to build more and more battery swap stations.

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What gas stations are considered cheap gas stations?


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How often do gas stations have to fill up their underground storage tanks?

Most can carry up to 5 different kinds of fuel in their compartmentalized tanks at the same time. Large American gas stations, like the one in this picture sell so much diesel fuel and various grades of gasoline that they have to fill their tanks every day, sometimes more than daily.

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100% gas stations?

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island: all unleaded gas. Ontario: Costco 91. British Columbia: Chevron 94. Update or remove a station by clicking details, then update or remove this station on the station's listing. We currently have 16109 stations entered for the following provinces and states. Click on a province or state to see them!

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76 gas stations?

Find a 76 gas station, learn more about our current promotions, top tier detergent gasoline and credit card offers at

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Alberta gas stations?

408-55022 Lac Ste Anne Trail, Gunn, AB T0E 1A0 Get directions. Gas. Located in St. Albert on Lac Ste. Anne Trail, Alaska Hwy Esso is where you come to fill up on a tank of gas before hitting the. road or on your way back into the city.

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