Gas log placement?

Noemie Lehner asked a question: Gas log placement?
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Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement: Putting It All Together Wherever you live, when it comes to home safety, carbon monoxide detectors are a must. They should be fitted in each room where a fuel-burning appliance operates, near sleeping areas and on every floor of the building. Before installing a CO detector, read the manual carefully.

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How to Arrange Gas Logs Gas Fireplace Setup. You want your gas log configuration to be done in a way that resembles a wood-burning fire. You... Size Your Logs Right. Don't assume your fireplace should look chock full of logs. It shouldn't. Measure your fireplace... Gas Fireplace Log Placement…

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Placement of Glowing Ember and Stones. All of our Gas Log Sets come with two bags with stones and embers. The large bag contains a simulation of stones made out of a foamy material, which you can place around the burner. The smaller bag contains a material very similar to cotton. These are glowing embers.

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Gas logs are setup and positioned a certain way on each unit. Only a professional should rearrange gas fireplace logs. See models like Heat n Glo, Heatilat...

How to Arrange Gas Logs Place the largest ceramic logs on the bottom to serve as the foundation for the fire. The direction you lay them will... Leave 2 inches (5 centimeters) between logs. Make sure none of the logs is blocking the gas flow. If you find that a log is blocking it, you will have to ...

A. Log Placement Begin on Side A, valve on left as you face the fireplace. 1. Place log #1 on burner by aligning two (2) holes on bottom of log with two (2) pins on burner. The tallest part of the log is on the valve side of burner. Gently push log down until it comes in contact with burner sur-face. Figure 5.1 LG650 NBST log 1 Log 1 Control Valve

Install the gas logs. Installation of the gas logs will vary by brand and model, so be sure to reference your installation manual for specific directions. In general, the logs will only fit in the correct configuration. Place each log over the intended pin until all logs are in place.

How to Put in a Gas Log Set for a Fireplace - YouTube.

This instruction contains recommended log placement for these Real Fyre logs which will promote good combustion and provide superior fl ame pattern and appearance… WARNING: This gas log set is for use with R.H. Peterson Co. burners (and parts) ONLY. REV 5 - 1909061520 L-A2-323. 3 Split Oak Log Placement Instructions (18" model) 2 ...

LOG PLACEMENT A. Place long back log on back log ledge (step 1). B. Place the two front logs on the front part of the grate (step 2). C. Place top logs on unit, as shown in steps 4 and 5. LIGHTING YOUR GAS LOG SET (Manual valve only) A. Open chimney flue damper to the full open position. B. Be sure gas supply is shut off.

Can I position my gas logs in a different fashion or use a different log set? Can I remove my gas logs and burn wood on the hearth kit? Can the glass doors on my fireplace be closed when my gas logs are burning? How can I install gas logs if my gas line comes in from the left side? How do I clean my gas logs?

USE ONLY PETERSON REAL FYRE BURNERS AND VALVES WITH THIS REAL FYRE LOG SET. This instruction contains recommended log placement for these Real Fyre logs which will promote good combustion and provide superior fl ame pattern and appearance. Use these logs only with a Peterson burner system. Adequate ventilation is absolutely necessary!

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