How to unlock a gas cap without a key replacement?

Michelle Kovacek asked a question: How to unlock a gas cap without a key replacement?
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⛽ How to unlock a gas cap without a key fob?

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⛽ How to unlock a gas cap without a key lock?

For tight spots when you lose the key to your gas cap or just don't have one.

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No Drilling Either! - YouTube. How To Open 50cc Scooter Gas Cap WITHOUT KEY! No Drilling Either! If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the ...

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Place the flathead screwdriver into the centre of the cavity where the lock was previously located and turn the linkage over with the screwdriver, unlocking the cap. Turn the petrol cap counter-clockwise until it comes off the gas filler neck.

Between the handle and the outer edge place the screwdriver against the plastic. Pressing firmly and twisting at the same time, pierce the thin plastic until you are through just the first layer. Push the screwdriver in at an angle with the point going toward the center of the cap. You will feel the screwdriver tip kinda wedge into an angled area.

If you bring your old key to a locksmith, they will be able to eyeball the cuts and make you a fresh key. All the cuts are either a 1, 2, or 3 so its not all that complicated to find the code. It cost me $14 to get them to make me a key from scratch. Keep in mind your helmet lock/ rear compartment will also take your old key still.

Grasp the gas cap tightly with the locking pliers, and give a good twist counterclockwise. The tabs that hold the lock in place should break off and the cap should come off.

With just a drill and a nail, a locking gas cap can be removed for replacement without the key. Step 1 Remove or open the locking gas cap cover to reveal the key-insertion slot. Step 2

Remove Cap from tank, be sure to tape off tank opening so you don't lose the two phillips screws.

Immediately pour out the nuts, acid and crud into the bucket and rinse the tank with the water hose. Do this until the water is clear. Add about 1/4 cup baking soda to the inside of the tank, add some water, and slosh it around the entire insides. You want to neutralize any acid which might remain.

Insert the gas cap key into keyhole on the handle of the cap. You will not be able to remove an old locking gas cap without first using the key to unlock it. 2 Rotate the key to the left.

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