How to use a gas can?

Mario Hessel asked a question: How to use a gas can?
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Put your gas can on the ground and fill it slowly to prevent splashing and overflowing. Leave a few inches of space at the top of the can for fumes expansion and to stop spills. When you’re done pumping, secure the lid and wipe off the outside of the can.

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This video demonstrates how to pour gas out of the new Scepter gas can. It also shows how to unscrew the cap and pour gas into this gas can at a gas station...

The correct way to fill a gas can is to remove your gas can from your car or truck and place it on the ground about five feet from your vehicle. Gas vapor is heavier than air, so a hot exhaust manifold or catalytic converter can ignite the vapors. Before filling your gas can, always touch the metal on your vehicle to discharge any static electricity on your body. Keep the gas nozzle in contact with the gas can and fill slowly for less static electricity.

2. Keep the gasoline in a well-ventilated space away from your house. If you keep gasoline cans in your home, you run the risk of fires or exposure to fumes. Keep your containers in a shed or a specially-made flammable liquid storage cabinet outside your home.

The gasoline vapors can expand in the fuel can and push into the passenger compartment. Step 3: Secure the fuel can upright. A fuel container should never be allowed to move around in your vehicle or tip on its side. Use a bungee cord or net to make sure the fuel can stays upright.

Use straps to secure the gas mask over your face. The face piece of a gas mask is secured to the wearer’s head with straps. Place the mask over your face. Adjust the straps until the gas mask is fitted firmly over your face.

Place the nozzle of the can into the gas tank, making sure the nozzle is securely inside the opening. Step 4 Lift the can up slightly, allowing the gas to flow into the tank. Pour slowly to avoid overflow.

Use a tight-fitting cap and store the gasoline at room temperature, not in heat or cold. Do not store gas in unapproved, untested containers like milk or soda bottles. Remember not to refill a gas...

Turn the gas dial to medium, then ignite your match or lighter. Hold the match or lighter close to the center of the burner, then wait 3-5 seconds until the burner ignites. Remove your hand quickly to prevent getting burned. For the safest option, use a long-handled lighter.

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